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NTU Alumni Course Credits

​​To promote lifelong learning and encourage alumni to acquire deep skills in a timely, accessible manner through modularised and technology-enhanced learning programmes, NTU has launched the NTU Alumni Course Credits initiative. 

This initiative also seeks to empower NTU alumni to upgrade their knowledge and upskill their profession to stay relevant in the ever-changing global workforce. From 1 November 2017, all NTU/NIE alumni (students who graduated with a diploma/degree from any of the undergraduate/postgraduate programmes offered by NTU/NIE) will each receive S$1,600 course credits.

From 1 July 2019, all NTU/NIE alumni may utilise their course credits to apply to all Continuing Education Training (CET) courses offered by NTU-CET units. At the same time, admin fee will be waived.

PaCE@NTU offers courses below which are valid for use with the NTU Alumni Course Credits:

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