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MiniMasters​​™ (NIE)

Participants can apply to stack these courses towards a Graduate Certificate (total 12 AUs), an NTU MiniMasters™​​ (total 16 AUs) and/or transfer to a relevant Master’s programme upon successful admission, subject to prevailing University’s guidelines and approval.​

The table below shows the MiniMasters™​ and their relevant courses:

​Advanced Pedagogical ​Practices Compulsory 

These courses are offered in bite-sizes of 1 AU or 2 AUs each. For more information, click here.
​​Curriculum and Teaching Compulsory
​Drama Education Compulsory
​Early Childhood Education Compulsory
Educational Management Compulsory
Instructional Design
Learning and Development Compulsory

Select 2
​Physical Activity and Health ​Compulsory
Professional Training and Development ​​Compulsory
​Science Education Compulsory
​Special Education ​Compulsory
​Technology for Teaching and Learning Compulsory
* Courses approved for SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) course fee funding

Note: Registration will close 2 weeks prior to course commencement date except for courses that are stackable towards a MiniMastersTM Certificate, please check individual course closing date.

Positive education is a paradigm that combines traditional education focused on academic skill development with approaches that nurture wellbeing and promote good mental health (Seligman, 2011). In the process, students’ social, emotional, moral and intellectual facets are developed (Waters, 2011). Significant to this perspective is the scientific inquiry into factors and strategies that promote wellbeing from a preventive and proactive rather than deficit model (Ahern, 2017). In view of this inherently worthy goal, this course seeks to introduce participants to the science of positive psychology to encourage and support schools and individuals to flourish. Participants will be introduced to the concept of wellbeing and its constituent components, with specific focus on Character Strengths and Mindfulness. Hence, participants will have the opportunity to develop and practice the skills, knowledge and strategies needed to enhance their students’, children’s or employee’s well-being, while developing their character strengths and mindfulness.


Subcategory: (NIE) Advanced Pedagogical Practices | 13.00 Hour(s) | NIE, Trainers
Funded Programme: ITM (SSG)
Credit/Accreditation: SFC
SGD 1102.10
SGD 124.63
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