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Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing Courses

With the onset of the fourth industrial revolution,  digital transformation is no longer an option. Industry 4.0 is transforming manufacturing and supply chain management in an unprecedented way. PaCE@NTU, in partnership with Delta–NTU Corporate Lab, proudly presents online training content to help professionals and enterprises learn and work within the changing landscape of manufacturing. 

Established in 1971, Delta Electronics has over 40 years of experience as a manufacturer with factories globally in Asia, the Americas and Europe. Specialising in Power Electronics, Automation and Infrastructure Solutions, Delta has first-hand experience in the challenges of transiting from traditional to smart manufacturing. 

Come hear from leading experts within the Delta Research Centre. ​

Eligible individuals enjoy 70%-95% SkillsFuture Series (SFS) funding of course fee on the 5 mobile learning courses offered through the DeltaKnEW Academy mobile app from as low as S$60.50 (inclusive of 7% GST) only. 

SMEs enjoy up to 90% subsidy of the course fee under the Enhanced Training Support for SMEs scheme. Click here to learn more about the various funding schemes. A complimentary one-time consultation/Q&A (up to 30mins) for sign up of 6 participants or more from a local SME can be arranged to address questions specific to your enterprise.  

NTU/NIE alumni and graduates in this year’s undergraduate Class of 2020 may utilise their one-time course credits to apply to our Mobile Learning Courses. Click here to learn more. 

Download DeltaKnew Academy on your mobile now and learn about Smart Manufacturing courses on Industry 4.0 at your fingertips! 

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  • NTU-DELTA20 
    Data Analytics And Cyber-Physical System ​For Industry 4.0

    Data Analytics and Cyber-Physical System for Industry 4.0

    - The benefit of Cyber-Physical Systems.
    Generic cyber-physical framework and RAMI 4.0 framework
    The concept of data analytics.
    - The techniques of data analytics.
    - Various use-case scenarios of data analytics.
    Standard Course Fee:

    Up to 90% SFS Funding:


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  • NTU-DELTA21 
    Digitization and Connectivity for Advanced Manufacturing

    Digitization Connectivity for Advanced Manufacturing

    - Technologies for enabling connectivity on a factory floor.
    - Understand future ICT devices and their management. 
    - Software for enabling digitization and interoperability. 
    - Challengers and benefits due to convergence of IT and OT technologies.
    - Understand concepts about information communication in smart manufacturing.
    - Comprehend the communication protocols relevant for the implementation of smart manufacturing.
    Standard Course Fee:

    Up to 90% SFS Funding:

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    Automation and Intelligence for Ad​vanced Ma​nufacturing

    Automation and Intelligence for Advanced Manufacturing

    - Understand various methods and tolls for simulation and modelling.
    - Explore the use of knowledge graphs. 
    - Understand the relevence of PLCs in automation and discuss various programming languages.
    - Shop Floor Automation: Robots and Intelligence Machine.
    - The benefit of shopfloor automation.
    - Flexible shop floor automation with industry 4.0 concept.
    Standard Course Fee:

    Fee after 
    Up to 90% SFS Funding:

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    Security Considerations for Cyber Physical Systems 

    Security Considerations for Cyber Physical Systems

    CPS Security: Innovation for ICS Cyber Security
    This course will introduce the security aspects of Cyber-Physical System, especially the research and practical issues for protecting network environment.)

    - Basic background of CPS security
    - Software defined networking versus switch networking
    - Intrusion detection systems and development
    - Honeypot Technologies and Systems
    - Network Security Testbed

    Security in Design
    Digital Security is not optional. It affects you and me today. Through a series of videos, we hope we can show you what security is and how you can push your products to have more security.

    - Background of security in Industry 4.0
    - Injection attack
    - Buffer overflow attack
    - Open SSL heartbleed
    - Wifi KRACK attack
    - Blueborne attack
    - ROBOT attack
    - Mirai attack

    Standard Course Fee:

    Up to 90% SFS Funding:

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    How to implement Intelligence in Smart Factory?

    How to implement Intelligence in Smart Factory?

    Intelligence: Machine to Enterprise
    - Singapore SIRI Index
    - Case Study of Autonomous Guided Vehicles 
    - Shopfloor, Enterprise, Facility

    Smart Operation by CPS Technology
    - Introduction to Cyber Physical Systems
    - Smart sensors for IoT applications
    - Introducing processors, connection, sensors and actuators
    - Edge device systems
    - Digital twin and simulation models
    - Methodologies in CPS 
    - Device system design process 
    - Data and information interface & propagation mechanisms
    Standard Course Fee:

    Up to 90% SFS Funding: 

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* Courses listed are eligible for SkillsFuture Credit (SFC)
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