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Semester - Long Courses

PaCE@NTU offers Semester–long courses which are bite-sized courses taken from both the Undergraduate and Graduate full degree programmes.

These courses can be taken individually, are credit-bearing, and stackable towards the relevant degree or master.There will be continuous assessments during course period and a final exam at the end of the course which contribute to a final grade. 

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​Click on the certificate for the list of courses: 

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  • Course Intake and Applic​ation Period
    Academic Semester 1 (Aug 2019 intake)
    ​Courses commence in August to December every year.
    Application starts in mid-March and closes in mid-June of the year.

    Academic Semester 2 (Jan 2020 intake)
    Courses commence in January to May every year.
    Application starts in mid-September and closes in ​mid-November of the year.​

  • Admission Criteria
    ​​All applicants including Sing​​apore Citizens (SCs), Permanent Residents (PRs) and eligible international participants can only be admitted, if they:

    - Have at least 2 years of experience.
    - Have fully discharged full-time NS liability; or are currently employed on a full-time basis.
    - Hold a Bachelor degree in Engineering/Science or diploma with relevant working experience. 

    1. For application of Graduate Certificate,individual must hold a bachelor degree in relevant discipline.

    2. Selected courses will have additional requirements. Please check individual course for details.​

  • Course Schedule

    ​Course Schedule / Start Date subject to individual school's offering.

    Detailed class sche​​dule will only be available in May (Sem 1) and November (Sem 2) 2019.​
    Note: The above Course Schedule is indicative as at the point of registration. If there is any further change by the respective school to the Course Schedule, the school will inform via NTULearn portal.
    Class and Exam Schedule.png 
  • Contact Us
    Tan Hui Lin/Claire ​Wang
    Tel: 6592 3702 / 6790 6672
    Email:​​ /​​

    For course enquiries, please email or contact them at 6592 3702 /6790 6672.

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