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NTU Class of 2020 (Graduate Certificate & ​​​​MiniMasters™)

PaCE@NTU has collaborated with NTU schools and NIE to package Graduate Certificate and MiniMasters​™ in key growth sectors aimed at supporting all NTU/NIE Underg​raduate Class of 2020 to access more opportunities across job sectors. This is in recognition that with the uncertain economic outlook, some fresh graduates may want to​ continue their learn​ing and pick up additional skills to complement the competencies acquired in their undergraduate years​.

Through these ​Continuing Education and Training (CET) courses, Class of 2020 Graduate can also diversify their skills even if they are ​unrelate​d to their disciplines by building industry-relevant skills to better equip themselves for the workforce with additional qualification certificates. 

Class of 2020 Graduate may sign up for any Graduate Certificate and MiniMasters​™ listed below ​as a package with all fees and expenses covered by NTU Singapore (subject to participants meeting SSG's funding criteria​ and available Alumni Course Credits​). Each package takes about 3 to 6 months to complete.

F​or more enquiries, please email to

Graduate Certificate​

​Graduate Certificate consists of selected courses from MiniMasters™​. Class of 2020 Graduate may sign up for any Graduate Certificate below for free and opt for signing up additional relevant courses (course fee is payable) to complete the MiniMasters™ package and upgrade their Graduate Certificate to MiniMasters™. The additional relevant courses can be found in the list of  MiniMasters​​™ offered by NTU schools and NIE. With MiniMasters™, Class of 2020 Graduate can ​have the options to further progress onto a relevant Master's degree programme​​.​

​​No. ​​Graduate Certificate Title​ ​School​ ​Registration
​1 ​Graduate Certificate in Curriculum and Teaching​ ​NIE Register here
​2 Graduate Certificate in Drama Education ​​NIE Register here​
​3 ​Graduate Certificate in Early Childhood Studies
Register here
​4 ​Graduate Certificate in Science Education ​​NIE Register here
​5 ​Graduate Certificate in Assessment in Education​ ​​NIE Register here​
​6 ​Graduate Certificate in Understanding Diverse Learners ​​NIE Register here
​7 ​Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design ​​NIE Register here​​
​8 ​Graduate Certificate in Professional Training and Development ​​NIE Register here
​9 ​Graduate Certificate in Technology for Teaching and Learning ​​NIE Register here​​​
​10 ​Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning of Drama and Art ​NIE Register here
11​ ​Graduate Certificate in Special Education ​NIE Register here​
12​ ​Graduate Certificate in Learning and Development NIE​ Register here
​13 ​Graduate Certificate in Technopreneurship and Innovation ​NTC ​Closed
​14 ​Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Engineering ​MAE Closed​
​15 ​Graduate Certificate in Power Engineering ​EEE Closed​
​16 ​Graduate Certificate in Electronics ​EEE ​Closed​
17​ Graduate Certificate ​​in Information and Telecommunication Engineering​ ​EEE ​Closed​​
​18 ​​Graduate Certificate in Computer Control and Automation ​EEE Closed​
​19 ​​Graduate Certificate in Signal and Media Processing ​EEE ​Closed​
​20 ​Graduate Certificate in Fintech Essentials ​SPMS Closed​​
​21 ​Graduate Certificate in Precision Instrumentation ​SPMS Closed​​
​22 ​Graduate Certificate in Semiconductor ​SPMS Closed​​
​23 ​Graduate Certificate in Photonics ​SPMS Closed​​


​​​No. ​MiniMasters​™ Title ​​School ​Registration
​1 ​​​​MiniMasters™ in Learning & Development ​NIE Closed​​​
​2 ​MiniMasters™ in Special Education ​NIE ​Closed​
​3 ​MiniMasters™ in Accounting Management ​NBS Closed​
​4 MiniMasters™ in Business Analytics ​NBS Closed​
​5 ​MiniMasters™ in Business Finance ​NBS Closed
6 ​MiniMasters™ in General Management ​NBS ​Closed
​7​ ​MiniMasters™ in Marketing Management ​NBS Closed​
8​ ​MiniMasters™ in Professional Development: Writing, Research, and Practical Ethics in the Information Age

Class of 2020 Graduate may sign up for courses worth 12 Academic Units (AUs) from selected SoH courses for free, and they will have earned enough credits to qualify for a Graduate Certificate in Professional Development (9 AUs). At which time graduates will only need 6 more AUs for the MiniMasters™ (15 AUs) – paying out of pocket for only 3 AUs.
​SoH Register here

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