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  1. How do I apply for the e-prep courses?
  2. How do I (an NSF) know if I am eligible for the credits and subsidies?
  3. How long do I have to wait before I can start the course?
  4. What do you mean by 12 or 60 hours course duration? Does the course have an expiry date and can I continue to access the course after I have completed NS?
  5. How do I make payment for the course?
  6. Do I enjoy any discounts if I am a member of NTU/NIE Alumni or student?
  7. How do I withdraw from the course?
  8. Do all the courses come with free textb​ook and CD?
  9. I have enrolled in a course that comes with a free textbook and CD. How do I collect it?
  10. What documents should I produce when collecting the textbook?
  11. Will there be any lecturers monitoring the course? Who can I turn to if I encounter any problems with the content?
  12. Are there any tests for the online courses?  
  13. Do I get a certificate upon completion?
  14. Will a transcript be provided upon the course completion?
  15. How long do I have to wait for the certificate to be sent to me?
  16. Why do I have to wait so long for the certificate?
  17. Can I use this certificate to gain exemption or to apply for degree courses?
  18. I have already made payment some time ago but have not received any notification from NTU, who can I look for?
  19. I have problem accessing the NTULearn platform. Who can I ask for help?
  20. I have sent enquiries to the Professor but have not received any response. What can I do?


  1. You may log on to the NS website to browse the courses under e-prep and make your application. If you are eligible for the MINDEF subsidies, you would only need to pay at least 10% of the course fees or any remaining amount after subsidies. Upon application, you should receive an email from both MINDEF and PaCE@NTU for further instructions on payment.


  1. You will be allocated $350 worth of e-PREP credits once you are eligible. MINDEF subsidises up to 90% of the course fee, subject to your credit balance. ​Please click here​​ for more information on your eligibility.


  1. For ePrep Participants
    The course will begin within 3 working days after we've received notification of your application from the MINDEF ePrep administrator. Your user account to login to NTULearn would be sent to the email provided in your application. For advice on payment matters, please contact the ePrep administrator at:
    Tel No : (65)63731221
    Fax No: (65)63731220
    For Public Registrations
    The course will begin within 3 working days after receipt of payment is confirmed at our end.  Your user account to login to NTULearn would be sent to the email provided in your application.


    • Users have unlimited access to the course for a period of 3 months.
    • The course duration is an estimation of the number of teaching hours.
    • The course date starts on the day the user account email is issued to you.
    • For NSFs, you would be able to continue the course even after your ORD, so long as the course is still available.


  1. How do I make payment for the course?
    Please provide us with your full residential address in order to receive certificate of completion and receipt.

    (a) Advice on payment for NSF men
    For NSFs, there are 3 modes of payment to MINDEF ePrep administrator
    1) Cash or cheque
    2) NS portal e-payment
    3) Allowance deduction payment.

    For advise on payment matters, please contact the MINDEF ePrep administrator at Tel No : (+65) 63731221, fax no: (+65) 63731220 or

    (b) Payment Instructions for Local (Public) Applications
    For Public registrations, you may use cash, cheque or credit card payment.

    (i) Cheque 
    (in Singapore Dollars)
    All cheque payments should be crossed and made payable to Nanyang Technological University and mail it together with a copy of the Online Course Payment Advice to: 

    Centre for Professional and Continuing Education 
    Nanyang Technological University
    60 Nanyang drive, SBS-01s-50
    Singapore 637551

    (ii) Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard Only)
    Payment can be made online.

    (iii) Payment Instructions for Overseas Application
    For Overseas registrations, you may use bank draft, credit card payment or telegraphic transfer.

    (v) Bank Draft
    (Please note that you may have to pay a fee to the bank for processing. This fee is NOT inclusive in the registration fee for the Online course you applied.)

    All bank draft should be made payable to: Nanyang Technological University.  In addition, please mail it together with a copy of the Online Course Payment Advice email to:

    Centre for Professional and Continuing Education
    Nanyang Technological University
    60 Nanyang drive, SBS-01s-50
    Singapore 637551

    (vi) Payment mode: Telegraphic Transfer 

    (Please note that you will have to pay for the fund transfer fee at your end if you decided to make payment through Telegraphic Transfer with your Bank. This fee is NOT inclusive in the registration fee for the Online course you have applied. Once TT is completed, please email a copy of the transfer form, together with the Online Course Payment Advice email to for our record)

    A/C NO: 537-010027-001
    BANK CODE: 7339


  1. PaCE@NTU does not offer special rates for online courses.


  1. Withdrawal from the course is not allowed after the payment has been made.


  1. Most of our courses come with free supplementary material (textbook) with or without CD. Please click on the course for details whether free supplementary material is included via the following link: 


  1. You are advised to collect your free supplementary material from a bookstore currently located at Bras Basah Complex. Details of the collection date and store location will be provided in the email that is sent to you along with your login information.
  1. Students need to produce the email from PaCE@NTU, together with their student card/identification card for verification during collection. If the student cannot collect in person, the student can authorize a representative to collect on their behalf.
    The representative is required to produce the following items during collection:-
    • An authorization letter with the student's name, student number, and the representative's name and identification number;
    • The representative's identification card.
      - There will be no exchange or refund of the free supplementary material other than the one specified by PaCE@NTU.
      - Students are to check with the staff at the collection centre directly instead of searching for the free supplementary material from the shelves.


  1. There is an NTU Professor in charge of each course. You can email him any queries regarding the subject. Or you can post your question in the forum and wait for other students or the lecturer to reply you.


  1. Students are required to fulfill certain criteria for the course either by assignments or online quizzes and tests.


  1. Do I get a certificate upon completion?
    Yes, an e-Certificate of Participation will be issued to participant via email upon course completion. 
    To be eligible for the Certificate of Participation, you are required to do the following:

    (i) Complete all the required tests/ assignments.
    (ii) Achieve the course criteria set.
    (iii) Subsequently, notify us by email that you have completed the course
          and include your preferred mailing address as well.


  1. No, this is a non-matriculated course and no transcript will be provided.


  1. The e-Certificate will be sent to you approximately one month starting from the date you notify us on completion of course.


  1. We will only send out the e-Certificates once a month. The process would involve extracting course data and results for every participant in the courses. If you complete the course after the process, you would have to wait till the next month.


  1. The e-​certificate would not be able to grant you exemption from any tertiary institutions.


  1. Please email to PaCE@NTU administrator at or call +65 6592 3774.


  1. For any technical problems, you can email the course administrator or your instructor for the course. Please clear your cache and cookies after each session so that you would not be blocked.


  1. In the event your queries to the professor are not responded after a week, we seek your cooperation to notify us. Our previous experience shows that some emails have been channeled automatically to “Junk” folder that our professor may not be able to detect. Kindly email that query to for our follow up.


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