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National Silver Academy Courses

​​To support the national goal of continual lifelong learning for Seniors under the National Silver Academy (NSA), NTU is pleased to be part of this national initiative.

PaCE@NTU offers a wide range of courses for Seniors (aged 50 and above) under the following 2 categories:

  • ​Short Courses
    These courses include life-skills-oriented, and/or work-skills-related topics. Life-skills-oriented courses impart skills to seniors to help them deal effectively with the demands of everyday life.

    >> Click here fo​r the list of Short Courses
  • Exam-Free Modules
    These courses provide Seniors the opportunities to participate in tutorials and lectures and have access to course material together with other students pursuing the courses for credit.

    >> Click here for the list of Exam-Fee Modules

Not sure which programme to go for? Use our programme finder
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